Hotels know guests better than OTAs

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Hotels know guests better than OTAs


The dispute between hotels and OTAs has been a growing concern in the hospitality industry. OTAs might be getting more traffic, but the truth is hotels are still the ones with constant access to their guests.

On October 11th and 12th, Michael McCartan, managing director Europe, Middle East and Africa at Duetto will be leading a talk on the relationship between hotels and online travel agencies at the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester – he called it – “Make Love Not War – Embrace OTAs for a Brighter Future”.

McCartan knows OTAs are not very popular among hoteliers, which is why he picked a panel with a mix of hoteliers, tech companies and an OTA itself.

Here are five facts Michael McCartan shared about the relationship between hotels and OTAs:

1. Hoteliers are warming up to OTAs
2. Direct booking campaigns have limitations
3. Hyatt could have succeeded if isolated from Expedia, but it would have cost them
4. Hotels have one major advantage over OTAs: Access to guests
5. The future will be decided by cooperation, not war

You can read the full article by Hotel Management here

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