Live Chat, The Hottest Trend in 2016

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Live Chat, The Hottest Trend in 2016



It’s a well known fact within the hospitality industry that guests are increasingly making digital bookings using mobile devices. According to Skift, by the end of 2016, mobile will make up half of online bookings. Your hospitality business needs to go mobile if it isn’t already, and that needed to be done in 2015. The hottest trend for 2016 is mobile applications with live chat features. Travellers still prefer a personal touch and live help and live chat features are the best way to achieve this. Another pain point travellers have is the extremely poor customer service OTAs are known for.

Although travellers are booking directly online and through OTAs for convenience, to save money,  and to compare all of their options online, no web only service can ever really replace the value of a travel advisor. Customers still prefer a personal touch when it comes to travel advice, and this can only be achieved through human interaction. In fact, according to Profitroom, 70% of guests now expect a highly personalized experience, and having a live chat with someone is the simplest way to achieve this.

Travellers not only expect a personalized experience, but they expect customer service levels to be high, and if they’re not high, customers are going to TripAdvisor and giving awful reviews. OTAs have been notoriously poor at customer service ever since they gained popularity a few years ago. Every guest has had the experience of being “bumped around” from call centre to call centre when they have had a problem, this is one of the major problems with 3rd party service providers. By having access to a real person through a live chat feature, guests are able to resolve their issues immediately and satisfactorily, and this will lead to positive reviews.

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