"Our goal is to ensure every guest staying with us heads home singing the praises of the Welsh city which they have called home for the short period of their stay; be it a weekend or a few months. The Customer Experience is paramount to everything we do."

Richard Godfrey
Managing Director

The story of
A Space in the City

A Space in the City opened in May of 2005 and now manages 97 serviced apartments in both Cardiff and Swansea. They exist to provide high value serviced apartment accommodation to those staying away from their home location.

As one of the first serviced apartment companies operating in Cardiff and the only provider in Swansea, A Space in the City has grown in-line with the demand for its product. Their mission is to offer services to their guests that are in line with the very best the industry has to offer, and they aspire to be the most effective company of their kind within their area of operation.

A Space in the City wanted a better vehicle from which their guests could identify nearby Partners in their Partnership Programme, whether they were in their apartments or out and about. They wanted this information to be available to their guests 24/7 and to be categorised such that if a guest was looking for somewhere to eat, the app would show them what's nearby, what type of cuisine they can choose from, and whether they get a discount as a guest of A Space in the City.

The Role of GuestU

Since A Space in the City offers serviced apartment rentals, they are unable to offer their guests a typical concierge service. However, the staff at A Space in the City are easily able to use the application's back office to customize the app content in order to inform their guests about nearby Partners in their Partnership Programme.

A Space in the City has successfully managed to offer their guests a helpful tool to personalize their visits by providing them access to a 24/7 mobile concierge. Now their guests have constant access to details about the best bars, restaurants, spas and leisure activities the area has to offer as well as GPS guided tours. They can access the information they want either online or offline at the touch of their fingertips.

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