"We loved the booking option. GuestU provides a very exciting product that will set our apartments and houses apart from the competition!"

Roberto Bricio
Marketing Director of Feels Like Home

The story of

Feels Like Home is a company offering short-term rentals in Portugal, most of them in Lisbon. Its aim is to give their guests a perfect Portuguese experience in apartments and houses, especially in Lisbon´s most charming neighbourhoods.

Bearing this in mind, Fells Like Home wanted to add a special feature to provide a top-notch service and successfully engage with their effective and potential clients. With GuestU help, Feels Like Home created an app that works like a mobile showroom of their apartments and houses available to rent. They also added information about their services, attractions and places to visit in Lisbon. After the team work, Lisbon Trip Planner was available in iOS and Google Play stores.

The GuestU concierge

The mobile pocket concierge provided by GuestU puts in the fingertips of Feels Like Home customers' an efficient concierge with information about monuments, restaurants, shops and handy points in the apartment area. Since Feels Like Home business is renting houses, it's not possible to have a concierge available 24h in a front desk. GuestU found the solution with a service that provides all the information in the guests´ smartphones.

GuestU app gives all the information to the guests and even inform them about other company properties, so they can prepare their stay next time they return to Portugal. The booking option available is a key feature to help guest's make another reservation.

Providing a user-friendly back office, GuestU's app is very easy to update. Feels Like Home can update, add and edit information whenever is necessary, without external services.

With the GuestU platform and Feels Like Home creativity, Lisbon Trip Planner has born to provide a great experience to their guests. Feels Like Home required a mobile solution to complement their service, driving additional customer engagement. The overall objective was to create an app that serve their potential and effective customers in the city of Lisbon.

Discover Fells Like Home's mobile app on Android and iOS