"The app is very useful to our guests, since they access to all kind of additional information they can get with the receptionists, even when they aren't in the hostel."

María Mateu
Receptionist of Hola Hostel

The story of

Hola Hostel is located in Barcelona in the L'Eixample neighbourhood. Established in 2013, the hostel offers more than 150 beds nearby the famous Gaudí buildings. The hostels guests come from all over the world and Hola Hostel aims to create amazing experiences for them.

Hola Hostel wanted to provide a consistent service to guests of all nationalities and share their local expertise, since Barcelona is a lively city with lots of places to discover.

It was missing a communication channel always available to the clients as well as a platform able to connect with them. GuestU's mobile app was capable of solving these problems with the user-friendly back office and the mobile pocket concierge concept.

The role of GuestU

Hola Hostel team was able to easily use the back office and upload the contents created regarding the best places to visit, eat or relax in Barcelona. The app enables a 24h concierge service providing all the information the guests can get next to the hostel receptionists. The real advantage is the fact that guests can use the app anytime, anywhere. Plus, almost all the content is accessible without web connection.

The extra value of this app is the booking option that allows clients to easily book another stay in the hostel. In addition, updating the information in the back office is just one click away.

With GuestU app the Hola Hostel achieves what all brands strive for: to promote their brand and improve customer satisfaction.

Discover Hola Hostel's mobile app on Android and iOS.