"GuestU added value to our guests' experience. We love the events feature, so we can enhance our service and give more information than attractions and places to visit. With this feature our guests always have information about what's on in Lisbon."

Alfredo Tavares
Manager of My Story Hotels

The story of
My Story Hotels

My Story Hotels is a small hotel chain offering rooms in the most iconic areas of Lisbon. Central location, quality and comfort are some of the key principles of My Story Hotels.

The company has now two hotels and plans to open 3 more hotels in Lisbon's Downtown providing 400 rooms for tourists in leisure or business. As the company's name mentions, My Story pretends to offer their guests an unique experience of local culture, so they can create and add their own story to the history of the hotel.

GuestU provides a better experience

GuestU app provides information and services to the guests when My Story team is not around. The app improves the quality of My Story service and its download is always suggested in the check in.

Guests use the app to discover the area around the hotels and find suggestions on things to do. If guests are looking, for instance, for events to attend after dinner, the events feature enables to display several options to relax and have fun.

Managing the app's information doesn't require advanced computer skills, so it's easy to update the info according to the events available in Lisbon. Our back office provides a simple approach and any person with basic Internet skills (who doesn't nowadays?) can update and change the mobile app.

Since the app works offline, guests can use it without roaming costs. Therefore, they are always with My Story team, even outside the hotel. Plus, guests have the possibility to follow GPS routes without extra costs and easily return to the hotel or discover some unknown spots of the city which it is a great advantage.

Mobile use is growing rapidly amongst travellers and My Story Hotels realized they need to offer this ability to their customers. Nobody can ignore the advantages of not getting lost and be available 24 hours a day.

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