Train your staff on adding a personal touch to a guest’s stay

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Train your staff on adding a personal touch to a guest’s stay


Great customer experience is often related to the connection your guests have with your staff. Technology can help in many ways, but there is still room for adding your own personal touch and that remains an important part of the guest service.

Many companies implement training programs to help staff succeed in their role. The same applies to the hospitality industry, where companies are beginning to develop programs that help managers and other staff members improve their hospitality skills, by connecting them with local business leaders and teaching them about local tourist offerings. Ultimately, your staff should become your city’s best ambassadors, sharing their knowledge about the city and providing personal recommendations to your guests.

Your staff should also become familiar with guests’ interests and find new opportunities to interact with them. Here are a few ways that technology can help your team add a personal touch to a guest’s stay:

  • Implement your own mobile app where you can include itinerary recommendations catered by your team (restaurants, museums, parks, etc.)
  • Collect data about your customer’s preferences and behaviours to create more personalised offers
  • Use a mobile chat service to communicate with guests throughout their stay

These three features are part of the GuestU Phone, a mobile device developed by GuestU that is helping hotels improve their communication strategy and increase guest’s satisfaction.

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