3 Big Reasons why you need a ChatBot in your Hotel’s Facebook Messenger

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3 Big Reasons why you need a ChatBot in your Hotel’s Facebook Messenger


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that chatbots will ‘fundamentally revolutionize’ computing so, in an era where most travel arrangements are more in a digital format – mobile phone, tablet, computer -, having a chatbot is the next logical step for the hospitality industry.

Everyone is awaking to the potential of chat technology, way more efficient for engaging people than email, phone, or native apps and, by leveraging it with your followers on Facebook and website visitors you have a match made in heaven.

Engage with your potential customers and guests throughout the different stages of travelling in an enjoyable and unique way that will create buzz and word-of-mouth.

By adding a chatbot to your Facebook messenger, you will improve and personalize your Facebook messaging experience, as the Bot will reply on your behalf 24h/day offering suggestions, booking options and information to anyone who reaches you through your Facebook page.

So, what are the 3 Big reasons why your hotel should have a chatbot? Here they are:

1. Improve your Social Media Rating
Increase and improve your social media presence and rating by offering a unique and useful messaging tool that will generate buzz and business.

2. Add a Direct Booking Channel
Both stays and suggestions can be bookable through the Bot to your staff directly, to your booking page, to your mobile app, to your partner or to the suggested establishment.

3. Have an Experience Enhancer
For your guests, fans, followers and potential clients. Offer a great experience and show your innovative side.

Visit bot.guestu.com to learn more about the GuestUBot and its benefits.

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