3 ways you can use the guest journey to improve your revenue

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3 ways you can use the guest journey to improve your revenue


The guest journey is divided into three phases: the pre-stay (also known as search & booking), onsite, and post-stay. All of them include opportunities to improve your revenue, so it’s vital that you stay connected with guests throughout their whole journey.

Rainmaker has gathered a few tips on how you can take advantage of the guest journey to improve your revenue.

1. Establish rates that drive bookings
The room cost is what most influences a guest’s decision when booking their accommodation. Thanks to revenue management solutions, you’re able to see which rates are working and which ones are not and adapt your Average Daily Rate (ADR) accordingly.

You can also use competitor benchmarking to check if you’re offering the most competitive price. By combining your own rate forecast with an analysis of your competitors, you can increase your bookings and profits.

2.Promote and upsell services
Marketing and revenue management should be working together to increase ancillary revenues. According to Robin Berrendorf, co-founder at MyEventBUTLER, 77% of tourists plan their trip activities when they are already at the hotel.

With this in mind, hoteliers should technically be promoting their internal services and other activities while guests are on their property and not during the pre-stay phase. Make sure to check if these trends apply to your own accommodation by using a revenue management tool. It’s also important to share any relevant information with your marketing department so they can look into promotional opportunities.

3. Reward your most loyal guests
You can find your “most valuable guests” by checking the number of bookings, how much they spend per stay and any upgrade requests.

Join forces with your marketing team to help run post-stay promotions that will drive valuable guests to rebook with you, starting the journey all over again.

To improve your revenue you should be constantly engaging with your guests, from the moment they book your accommodation, to the moment they arrive and finally check-out. Using tools like the 
GuestU Phone – a personal smartphone for your guests – will allow you to keep a close connection with guests wherever they go and collect data that will help you create a customer profile and offer a more personalised service in the future.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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