4 tips to improve your guests’ experience

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4 tips to improve your guests’ experience


Managing guests’ experiences has become a top priority for hoteliers.

The way guests interact with hotels has changed significantly since technology was introduced to the hospitality industry. There’s no longer a constant need for face-to-face interactions, as there are many devices that can provide alternative communication channels and connect both sides 24/hotel-info-services-150×150.png7.

Spending time creating a good experience for your guests can help generate more revenue and lead to better online reviews for your property. When crafting these experiences you should consider the three phases of the guest journey – pre-stay, on-site and post-stay. While the best moments are most likely to happen during a guest’s stay, it’s still important to think about their experience as a whole.

With this in mind, here are 4 tips you can follow to improve your guests’ experience:

1. Offer multiple ways to connect
Your guests have different needs so you need to adapt your service and provide multiple ways for them to connect with your team. This is where technology can help, by providing services like a mobile check-in or mobile chat, allowing you to keep in touch with your guests throughout their stay.

2. Create a profile of your guests
Collecting data is essential to create a profile of your guests. By acknowledging your guests’ preferences, your team is able to provide more personal recommendations and customise their stay. This can include treating your guests by name or offering to book a spa treatment, based on their previous purchases. They should also be able to recognise loyalty guests and thank them for choosing to come back.

3. Deliver memorable experiences
Focus on delivering memorable experiences to your guests that are catered to their needs. According to a study by Phocuswright 80% of leisure travellers and 94% of business travellers want to be able to use smartphones to request a service. Make it easier for guests to reach your staff during their stay, by providing a service like the GuestU Phone that connects guests with hotels and their destination.

4. Collect guests’ feedback
Collecting guests’ feedback is fundamental to understand what they like about your service and what needs to be improved. Many travellers make their booking decision based on online reviews, so it’s important to proactively address guests’ issues during their stay to avoid negative reviews in the future. One way you can collect this feedback is by providing an on-stay survey where guests can express their complaints.

The best experiences come from understanding your guests’ needs and delivering a service that is individually catered to them.This is why it’s important to collect information about your guests during their stay, so you can anticipate their requests and ultimately exceed their expectations.

The GuestU Phone is a mobile device that helps you improve guest experience by providing your guests with useful information about your accommodation, local tips curated by your team and a chat service for constant communication. It also helps you collect information about your guests’ preferences, creating a profile of their stay to help you provide more personalised recommendations.

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