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Simplify the Check-out process for your guests

Guests can consult their bill in real-time and request an express check-out in the App thanks to the synchronisation of all information in PMS. Provide them with an autonomous process in a smooth way!
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Through their mobile devices, guests can check-out without interactions between them and staff.


Checking-out on the App will trigger the PMS to charge the Credit Card on file, which makes the process more safe and reliable.


To avoid registration errors and inconvenient delays, guests can check-out in the app by simply clicking a button.

Express Check-out

Allow guests to skip reception on check-out

Through the express check-out, your guests can approve their hotel bill with a simple click. Then, the hotel’s PMS receives this confirmation and automatically starts the billing and payment process. 

View Bill

Allow your guests to easily check their bill anytime

 Using the My Bill feature on the hotel app, guests can track room costs during the stay and control their account. This feature guarantees that guests will not be surprised by unplanned charges.

See how to optimise your check-out process!

There is nothing better than offering good experiences to your guests during their stay. They simply need to access the hotel app to check their room bill with all the expenses during their stay. At the end of their stay, guests can validate their balance through the app to make an express check-out, activating a mechanism in the PMS to charge the credit card on file. Our solution will provide them comfort and ease in managing their stay, through a digital and fast check-out!