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Automate communication with your guests

Use our Campaigns tool to send communication to the guests in the right moment and generate more revenue.
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Communicating with guests along their journey is critical for guest engagement but demands expensive resources from hotels. Our platform allows you to start sending timely information to your guests as well as up-sell your services, while increasing their satisfaction and your revenue.

Deliver messages via email or push notification to the hotel app tailored to your guest’s profile and phase of their journey. Send pre-stay, in-house or post-stay campaigns to effectively communicate with your targeted guests.


Insert the campaign content

Create your rich content to promote guest engagement.

Set the right moment

Automate seasonal campaigns according to the stage of the guest journey.

Define the audience

Segment based on the guest's profile information collected from the PMS.

Test the campaign

Send a test email to make sure all is in place before activating it for guests.


Take your guest journey to the next level.

Main benefits for your hotel

Saves time spent informing guests

Communicate with your guests by email or push notification with only one click.

Increase up-selling of hotel services

Through profile segmentation, suggest what the guest can do at the property.

Increase communication with guests

An effective multichannel communication prior, during and after guests’ stay.

Conforming to GDPR/Data Privacy Compliance

Only guests that gave a Marketing consent will receive the campaigns.