Change and Learn – AccorHotels on what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry

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Change and Learn – AccorHotels on what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industryimage

In Late September, AccorHotels’ CEO Sébastien Bazin attended the SAHIC South America event in Buenos Aires. Bazin shared his thoughts about the importance of being able to anticipate changes in an increasingly competitive hospitality industry and his predictions for the future of the business.

Sébastien Bazin is a major figure in global hospitality and has been leading Accor since 2013. Managing a business with more than 4,000 properties in nearly 100 countries, considered one of the largest hotel operators in the world, makes him the ideal person to talk about what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Net covered the event and we’ve gathered some of Bazin’s main ideas:

1. Adopt change and generate new ideas
“In today’s world, either you change or you will be changed.”, that was one of the CEO’s statements. He said coming up with new ideas, even when a company is in a dominant position is the key to success.

2. Learn from your customers
Bazin doesn’t see Airbnb as the enemy, he actually thinks they can provide valuable insight because they have understood something about travellers that traditional hospitality leaders have not – the importance of personalised experiences.

Today’s hotel guests don’t want to be seen as just another number, what they want is a unique individual experience that is catered to their needs and desires. Price is not as important as it once was, in fact, guests are willing to pay more to get an unforgettable experience.

3. Embrace technology
In regards to the future of the business, Bazin said that the hotel industry must prepare for the arrival of artificial intelligence and should embrace technology in order to provide a better service to their guests.

“Change and learn” were the main takeaways from the CEO’s speech. To succeed in this industry, hoteliers should be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment, by implementing new technologies for example,  and they should also make an effort to learn more about the needs of each guest.

You can read the full article here.

Photo by Slava Bowman on Unsplash

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