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Optimised guest communication channel

Remove communication barriers by offering your guests a Guest Assistant area where they can communicate with your staff.
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Direct Chat with the hotel team

Guests can message the staff to receive personalised assistance. If the guest has downloaded the hotel app, he will be alerted of any reply via push notifications, even if the app is closed. Our platform offers convenience to guests which means that they can proactively communicate with staff, even before arrival. Improve the guest experience by avoiding the need to go to the reception for simple information.

Requests for services

Our platform allows your guests to request hotel services that you make available in the hotel app. By easily accessing the app, they are able to place a request for a housekeeping service, a late check-out, a wake-up call or even report a maintenance issue. Also request a booking for a spa treatment, a city guide tour or a table at the restaurant.

Create your own Guest Service bot

Automate responses to common questions and simplify language barriers with your own customised Chat Bot. The bot can scan existing information in the app and use it to reply to guests quickly. Whenever the bot cannot understand the question, an alert can be sent to the hotel team to intervene and help the guest. The hotel can easily edit the FAQ in the App CMS.

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