Facebook Travel Summit – Video, Social Ads and Constant Innovation

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Facebook Travel Summit – Video, Social Ads and Constant Innovation


At the beginning of September, Facebook hosted a Travel Summit in New York City entitled “Journeys Happen Here”.

While the event was mostly aimed at travel marketers, the information that was shared could easily be applied to any company currently using Facebook and Instagram for advertising.

Several companies attended the Travel Summit and shared their insights. We’ve gathered a few of their opinions and created a small list of how you can use Facebook to raise awareness for your travel brand:

Create meaningful video content

According to Facebook, 50% of mobile data traffic at the moment is coming from videos, and the number should rise to 70% by 2021. People are consuming content faster than ever, and consequently, their attention span is becoming a lot shorter (2 to 3 seconds). This is why many brands are turning to video to reach their audience and finding creative ways to share their message. For complex videos, brands can take advantage of the in-stream video which 70% of people watch until the end.

Make the most of social ads

Use Facebook and Instagram ads to target the people that are engaging more with your content. Test different strategies and use statistics to see what’s working and what is not. Interactive ads, such as 360 videos and short live sessions are some of the most recent ad trends.

Keep innovating
Facebook is constantly improving its features and building new solutions for its users. But for marketers, the challenge remains in learning how to quickly implement these solutions in an effective way. It might be hard to grasp Facebook’s constant innovations, but it’s important to hang in there and try to keep up with the industry’s trends to assure you’re moving at the same pace as your clients’ interactions.

Find out more ways to improve your business’ Facebook strategy.

Photo by Robin Elzerman on Unsplash
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