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Get guest’s feedback in real-time

Collect feedback during the stay, to enable your hotel to efficiently solve problems and turn dissatisfied guests into promoters.
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Monitor and improve guest satisfaction

Does your hotel have complaints or bad reviews? Can you estimate their negative impact on your results and online reputation? 

We provide you with a real-time feedback solution. Our Guest Feedback solution will allow your guests to evaluate your services at the right time!

Ask your guests to evaluate your service 

The feedback request is delivered through Email. This way, your hotel can resolve complaints before guests leave. Proactively track your guests’ satisfaction by sending them surveys, while coordinating the performance of your hotel operations.

Build guest loyalty!

Receive timely feedback from your guests!

Real-time feedback

Get alerts for all the reviews that are registered by your guests

Guest satisfaction

Schedule surveys on specific timings to get useful feedback

Online reputation

Avoid bad online reviews by detecting problems before they turn into negative experiences

Internal operations

React in a timely manner to improve your processes and response time