GuestU announces a BaaS platform for building Messenger ChatBots for Hotels & Apartments

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GuestU announces a BaaS platform for building Messenger ChatBots for Hotels & Apartments


Meet the human like member of the staff, available 24/7

GuestU is launching today a Bot-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform for the hospitality industry to increase direct bookings and enhance guests’ experience through Facebook messenger.

GuestUBot offering enables any hotel Facebook page manager to quickly deploy its own personalized bot, fostering engagement with the page’s followers and fans as well as their website visitors 24/7. The Bot answers any questions from the users automatically, providing a balance between input buttons with NLP and A.I. capabilities taking into account the hospitality context. Apart from answering the typical questions about rates and availability, hotels can provide personalized recommendations and city suggestions such as restaurants, museums, bars and many other touristic places.

As recently launched its chatbot “Booking Experience”, a chatbot that helps users find local events and attractions once they arrive at their destinations, it’s time for hotels to keep up and embrace the chatbot wave as more and more users use the new technology.

GuestU currently has over 500 hospitality-related mobile applications in the stores. “During this process we understood how to build a complete tool for hoteliers while handling ourselves the integration processes so to easy hoteliers job.” says Euclides Major, GuestU CEO. Bots represent yet another way to interact with the hotel, presenting advantages for the customer like a faster and simpler experience as well as no need to download and learn a new interface.

GuestU is well positioned to deliver hospitality BaaS, as it already provides the frameworks, integrations, city guide suggestions in over 190 cities and has been working exclusively with hospitality customers for the past years.

Our GuestUBot will allow accommodations to be there for their followers and guests even when they are not able to answer directly. This is a huge increase in service quality for the guests making the Bot an additional member of staff” continues Euclides Major, GuestU CEO.

Everyone is awaking to the potential of chat technology and as bots start to gain traction, industry specific bot-as-a-service platform will explode. Many businesses will deploy bots as a better (and cheaper) way of providing customer service. As an example one of GuestUBot beta testers reported that in high season receives up to 30 Facebook messages asking the same question around availability. These are hot leads that are there waiting to convert if carefully driven in real-time. A powerful new way to increase direct-bookings.

To learn more about the GuestUBot and its benefits visit

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