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One of the essential elements for guests’ satisfaction during their stay is communication. We know that ensuring the guests’ ability to communicate with the hotel, local services or even with family and friends, can make all the difference in their stay.

This is a product that contributes to the improvement and differentiation of the service provided to your guests, with a direct impact on their satisfaction.


The usual telephone at the room’s bedside table is no longer an immutable reality with features limited to telephony. Now the GuestU Phone allows the guest to have internet access outside the Hotel, a personalized tour guide and even international free calls. Have you ever imagined the news that your guests have to tell about the experience of discovering a new destination?


Most of the time the guest is outside the Hotel, so the reception/concierge can now be more available to assist your guests in what they may need, either through Live Chat or a free phone call that is within easy reach of a simple click.

In case the guest wishes to make a service request, such as a massage in the SPA, a tour for the next day, a taxi from Cabify or even a dinner reservation, it is possible to make it through the GuestU Phone. Not waiting in line at the reception desk just to order a taxi can now be a reality. Just like some happy guests mention: it truly is a traveler’s dream amenity!

Have you ever thought in getting real time feedback from your guests during their stay? Well, it is now possible with the GuestU Phone, where guests are encouraged to leave a feedback regarding the overall stay. This way, it is possible to identify any less positive situation before the check-out and act in a timely manner.


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