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Hotel Avenida Palace, a reference in tradition and elegance in Lisbon, presents the perfect balance between its classical and modern influences. Its style appeals to history and art enthusiasts who, at the same time, are surprised by a digital experience provided by the GuestU Phone and the GuestU App.

All clients have access to the hotel’s mobile app, even before their arrival, which already makes this a warmer relationship and much easier for the guest to plan the trip. Upon arriving at the hotel reception, the guest has access to a tablet with the GuestU App, so they can get to know the Hotel, its entire offer and make the most of their stay.

In addition to the app, the hotel offers its guests the GuestU Phone which allows, particularly travelers from abroad, to have a smartphone with internet access, local calls and city-specific content and what it has to offer throughout the stay.


Online reviews display the customer’s satisfaction with these products offered by the hotel:

April 2019, TripAdvisor

“(…) The hotel offers many differential features, such as a free smartphone for the guest with internet and national and international calls (I haven’t seen that kind of courtesy in any other hotel).”

“Our hotel focuses on guest experience, so we value excellent customer service and tools that help make for a memorable trip. We decided to make the GuestU Phone and GuestU App available with the intent to personalize and optimize the stay through technological innovation. So far, we are very pleased with the reviews we have received from guests.”

Pedro Miguel CostaE-Commerce and Reception Manager of Hotel Avenida Palace
GuestU thanks Hotel Avenida Palace for this fruitful partnership that started in 2015, first with the GuestU App and more recently with the GuestU Phone.