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Now, guests of the hotel chain can request LUGGit's baggage pick-up and delivery service on the hotels' Web App.

Recently, and due to emerging new technologies, the hotel industry has been facing the need to improve its operational efficiency, and, at the same time, provide more comfortable and secure stays to its guests. The latest partnership established between Hoti Hoteis, GuestU and the startup LUGGit is a clear example of innovation in the Guest Journey.

A complete guest experience

Those who travel certainly don’t like the inconvenience of having to carry their baggage for long hours after arrival or before the return flight. The most common solution is to go to the hotel and leave your bags in a room at the reception. With LUGGit’s solution, integrated into the Hoti Hoteis Web App, guests of the properties can schedule their baggage pick-up before arriving at the airport, for example.

How it works

The Hoti Hoteis guests can access the LUGGIt service, which allows them to receive information about their baggage in real time. See how simple it is. Guests only need to:

1. Access the baggage pick-up and delivery service in the Web App;

2. Indicate the place of delivery and pick-up;

3. Set the timetable;

4. Select the number and typology of the bags;

5. Enjoy their stay.

Find out where guests can already profit from this integration:

“This partnership represents one more proof of how aware the so-called more traditional companies have to be if they want to remain relevant. LUGGit's goal is exactly this, to provide better experiences to tourists, improving hotel processes.”

Ricardo FigueiredoCEO of LUGGIt

“It is a pleasure for GuestU to be part of this collaboration with Hoti Hoteis and LUGGit, which aims to place technology at the service of guests, providing them with a valuable service that will enhance their stay.”

Manuel LimaGuestU Business Unit Director
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