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An easier way to request Room Service

Offer easy ordering for in-room dining by removing communication barriers to generate more revenue. With or without POS integration.
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Room Service

List your Room Service menus by category (drinks, meals, snacks) with description and images, allowing guests to place multiple orders and comment on any additional options they need. 

Offer mobile ordering, allowing guests to easily make their Room Service requests that generate extra revenue and improve operations while eliminating the need for printed in-room menus!

Great usability

Allow your guests to easily browse the menu and place their orders directly from their own smartphone. They are able to add items to the shopping cart, edit, review the total price and submit when ready.

Promote your hotel’s food and beverage services on the hotel app!

Build and manage your outlet

Our easy-to-use web backoffice, allows your F&B team to manage how items are presented to guests in the app. Set opening hours for your Room Service outlet, record and manage the status of all orders submitted by guests in the app. 

Our ordering module contains an impressive and well-designed user interface that makes it very simple for guests to find the best option for their meals!

Your hotel App can now route orders through the POS system

POS integration allows orders submitted by guests to be automatically launched in the POS system at the same time the items are imported from POS, keeping prices synced. In addition, a POS-integrated room service allows orders to go directly to the kitchen and to be billed to the guest room.

This order feature integrated with POS Integration will provide a Digital Journey even more complete and contactless for your guests and easy to manage for your staff.