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Integration Hub: one powerful tool that interconnects all the systems in your hotel

By August 31, 2022No Comments

Reaching now 100+ technology partners in our matrix, this seamless solution is the perfect way to save staff time and optimise processes

A hotel’s daily routine encompasses the management of a selection of different systems, including the PMS, POS, CRS, booking engines, payment gateways, housekeeping, Access Control / Door Locks, Room control, and many more. The staff has the task to juggle all these systems in an organised and efficient manner, which can mean that a lot of time is spent making sure that all information is interconnected correctly.

Trusted by over 700 properties all over the world, our Mobile App was designed to integrate effectively with many systems already in use in hotels. The fast-growing partner matrix with over 100 hospitality and travel tech companies from all over the world offers a quick deployment, all executed by our team to provide a seamless integration.

Unique features

Benefits for your hotel

Reduce integration complexity

Integrations should be seamlessly connected. Our integration network makes connecting different vendors an easy task with flawless results.

Save staff time

No more manual data entry or processing! Hotel staff can now focus on more important tasks, like pressing guest requests and needs.

Optimise processes

Reduce friction and errors while sharing information between systems. An interconnected hotel system prevents loss of revenue by making sure no data is lost in the process.

Collect data for personalised marketing

Want to increase revenue by making sure your guests enjoy personalised services and offers? By collecting data directly to the CRM or database, the marketing team can send customised messages and communications.

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“We started integrating with third-party systems since our inception and soon realised how valuable it is to hotels. With the Integration Hub we provide a full-fledged solution for seamlessly connecting a wide spectrum of systems with all the benefits it brings - increased efficiency and happier guests.”

André PinhoSoftware Engineer - Integrations Hub Team