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From the charming Ribeira to the Port Wine Cellars, Porto is home for travelers coming from everywhere around the globe keen to experience the city as a real local. This is why, instead of the traditional hotels, a major part of these travelers choose to stay in authentic and well located apartments.



This is the case of Your Opo Apartments, that has more than 60 apartments located in Porto’s downtown, expecting to grow to 100 apartments in one year. This success is directly linked with the service level provided: a combination of the art of welcoming with technology and innovation. The last ones in partnership with GuestU.

Every guest that checks in at Your Opo Apartments gets a GuestU Phone that they can use for free during their stay.

Besides the ease of communication with the team of Your Opo Apartments during the stay, the possibility to send a request from the GuestU Phone, whether it’s breakfast for the next morning or an airport transfer, makes everything way more convenient.

“The feedback has been very positive and we hope to grow and count with GuestU as our partner.”

Rui Ferreira

GuestU thanks this successful partnership with Your Opo Apartments and all the team’s availability for making this video.

Offer more convenience to your guests with a GuestU Phone. Contact us!