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Engage your best guests with a Loyalty Program

Through your hotel app, guests can enroll in the Loyalty Program and have access to a membership card with relevant and personalized offers.
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Build long-term engagement

These days, to stand out from the competition, it’s important to draw guests to return for another memorable stay. Through membership cards with levels and points, your hotel can provide guests with unique benefits to build loyalty and create a great relationship with them. Collect guest data and understand their preferences so you can offer them a more tailored experience. Personalisation is one of the key factors in gaining returning customers!

Collect feedback

Activate the Loyalty program and allow guests to:

Signup for a new account
See the member card
Update profile details
View past and future stays

How to increase your guest retention rate? 

By establishing a personalised loyalty program for your guests and rewarding them with multiple benefits, such as the offer of a free night in a future reservation or discounts at the hotel spa and bar. By accessing the loyalty card on the hotel app, it eliminates the need for physical cards, which brings greater convenience for both the guest and the hotel.

The loyalty program allows you to get detailed information about guest preferences to build targeted communication while increasing your profits!

Integrated with your PMS

Our loyalty programme also integrates with the hotel PMS, to automate the awarding of points as per member bookings, and also show past and future stays. Through the back office, the hotel can access the profile data of all members and make managements such as assigning membership levels, adding points or redeeming rewards.