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Allow your guests to use the hotel’s telephone system on their own smartphone, throughout their stay.


Make the most of your Hotel App by adding the Softphone feature. Through this technology, your hotel will offer a modern contactless telephone solution and your guests will gain practicality and safety during their stay.

Check out how it works


Through an integration between the IP-PBX Central and the App of your hotel, it is possible to turn the mobile device of your guests into an extension of the room phone. Thanks to the Softphone, they can make internal and external calls from their own smartphones, even when they are outside of your property. 

It is also possible to program shortcuts to internal extensions and make communication between your customers and employees even easier.

The “virtual room phone” that offers benefits for both the guest and the hotel


  • Guests can make local and international calls, just as they would when using the room’s landline
  • Allows them to avoid physical contact with the hotel phone
  • Facilitates communication between customers and employees and thus increases their involvement with the hotel during their stay
  • Optimizes room space by eliminating traditional landline
  • Flexible and adaptable solution for hotels of all sizes and segments


Increase guest confidence with a safe Softphone available within your hotel’s App!