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Having a smooth trip, whether for leisure or business, is highly desired by guests. Being welcomed on arrival and realizing that the hotel meets their expectations is essential to start a good stay. In addition to the first impression, the following moments are also essential to determine customer satisfaction during their trip.

With that in mind, GuestU launched two new features that will provide guests with comfort and ease in managing their stay.




The possibility of tracking their room costs in real time allows the guests to control their account and offers the security of not being surprised by unplanned values at the end of their stay. My Bill’s functionality allows just that!

Seeing the details of each consumption, such as the description and the date they occurred, creates even more confidence in the hotel and contributes to a peaceful stay. This real-time update is possible thanks to the full integration of the GuestU App and GuestU Phone with the hotel’s PMS.


At the end of the stay, people don’t want to waste time in lines at the reception or checking if their account statement at the hotel is correct. With constant monitoring on My Bill, the guest can perform Express Checkout directly on the GuestU app or on the GuestU phone, by clicking on a simple button.

This way, errors in the consumption record are avoided and also the inconvenience of delayed checkout!

By the time the guest clicks the express checkout button at the end of their account, the PMS receives this information and streamlines the checkout process. Hotels that have advance payment authorization can allow guests to skip the reception and leave directly after the express check-out.

If the bill amount surpases the authorization value then guests will see a message to go to reception to make the final payment.

These new features on the GuestU App and GuestU Phone will make your guests’ experience even more enjoyable!

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