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My Story Hotel Rossio is one of the several units of My Story Hotels group. It has 46 rooms and combines the charm, history and comfort of staying in Lisbon’s downtown.

One of the main priorities of My Story Hotel Rossio is to offer their guests the best service possible. For this reason, they provide in each room a GuestU Phone for free use during the stay, with personalized tips from the city, free international calls and internet access.

With excellent guest feedback, the chat interactions and reservation requests for other services have been frequent.

The management of these interactions is done by the reception team through a mobile app: GuestU Teams. This app, native and developed by GuestU, was designed specifically for the staff’s use in order for them to answer guest requests more quickly, without depending on a laptop.

Mariana Ferreira, Manager of My Story Hotel Rossio, mentions that “The GuestU Teams app allows us to answer our guest interactions, namely via Chat which they use a lot, using only our smartphone. For us the solution is great since we do not have to use a laptop to communicate in a timely manner.” Also adds that, “One of the great advantages of the app is that we can also connect directly to the GuestU Phone that the guest is using, whether inside or outside our unit. It is especially useful when we have something important and immediate to deal with, allowing us to be more efficient and eliminate waiting times at the reception. In this way guests have more time available for visiting and experiencing the city.”

My Story Hotel Rossio is a GuestU happy customer since 2014, firstly with the GuestU App and recently with the GuestU Phones.

“We have always witnessed a continuous innovation by GuestU, with a quick content update and new functionalities that not only facilitate our operation, but also allow us to offer a better service to our guests.”

Mariana FerreiraManager of My Story Hotel Rossio

GuestU thanks the opportunity to collaborate in this successful implementation with My Story Hotel Rossio.

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