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Guest’s Review
June 2018, The Artist Porto Hotel & Bistro

“(…) Each room has a complementary cell phone which you can bring with you as you tour the city. Very helpful in locating attractions and finding your way back
to the hotel! (…)”


Did you know that the city guide is the most used feature by the guests and the one that stands out the most in reviews about the accommodation?


To get to know every nook and to be charmed by the best of what the city has to offer is one of the main reasons that leads guests to travel. Having this is mind, your suggestions can provide the best experience ever. We consider personalization as a key element of a distinctive service, this is why we offer you the opportunity to create a tailor made itinerary on a mobile device that includes exclusive recommendations from your Hotel, which allows your guests to know the city in a most authentic way.

To the selected points of interest such as museums, restaurants, gardens, among others, it is possible to add their GPS coordinates, which allows the guest to see them on the map and how far they are.



To know how to get to the suggested locations becomes very simple through a set of integrations with external applications and an advanced augmented reality feature. When the user selects a place he wants to visit immediately receives indications of which route is faster, which transports to use and to call a Uber or Cabify to take him to his destination.

Would you like to provide your guests tailor made itineraries on a GuestU Phone or Mobile App?
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