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Have you ever thought about opening a hotel room door with a mobile phone? It may look like a magic trick at first sight, but it’s actually possible and way more convenient!

If you already use our GuestU Phone or GuestU App, take a look on what can be your next guest’s most wanted amenity.

How it works

All you need is a smart door lock and a mobile phone, we’ll take care of the rest. Since the app communicates with the PMS, it’s possible to validate the guest’s reservation and hotel room number automatically. This will allow the guest to click on “open door” through the hotel mobile app or GuestU Phone and open it in a secure and easy way.

The advantages

  • Keycards use reduction –  as well as loss & replacement over time.
  • Staff’s productivity increase – reduce key configurations before at the check-in time and manual errors. 
  • Safety guaranteed  – guests’ authentication through PMS integration.
  • Bluetooth technology – compatible with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) door locks.
  • Easy integration – certified and integrated with the major door locks manufacturers.
  • Beautiful UI/UX – intuitive and easy to use.


Door lock partners

In order to make the mobile key available we have integrated with the major door lock manufacturers:

Surprise your guests with a mobile key and offer them an outstanding experience.


Contact us, we’re glad to explain you how it works!