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Mobile Guest Journey

Our platform has a set of tools to help hoteliers deliver a great digital experience to guests, engaging them, streamlining staff operations and optimising restaurant ordering.
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The Super App that adapts to your hotel

Our native mobile app is fully customised with each hotel’s brand and services and is integrated with leading PMS, CRS and POS vendors. Provide your guests a smoother travel with access to hotel services, a guest assistant, digital room control, a city guide created by hotel staff and many other features to help your guests plan their trip and enjoy their stay.

Tailor-made brand and contents

  • GuestU platform supports both Group and Independent Hotels;
  • Hotel Group App works as an “umbrella” app, allowing access to each hotel unit;
  • All the  hotel units in the Group App are automatically displayed and organized by distance;
  • Also possible to categorize by brands or regions;
  • Hotel units can have their own contents and branding;
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  • Hotel name and logo as icon in App Store and Google Play;
  • In-app design elements adapted to each hotel brand: logo, images, colours;
  • Vertical or Sections layout;
  • All content customizable for each hotel: sections, photos, texts, translations;
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  • Digital compendium;
  • Remove printed materials from the hotel and rooms;
  • Increase additional revenue by promoting the hotel services in the App;
  • Restaurants, Spa, Events, Tours and much more;
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  • Customized city guide;
  • Points of interest: museums, parks, shops, restaurants, bars;
  • Events agenda;
  • “Get Directions” feature integrated with Google Maps, Uber and other mobility Apps;
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  • Local weather forecast and national and international news;
  • Nearest airports flight stats for arrivals and departures;
  • All info presented natively in the hotel App, and updated in real-time using different sources integrated with Nonius Hub;
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Swipe to know our Digital Guest Journey!

By using our platforms, you can cover the entire travel journey of your guests, promoting a truly-made stay that will surely exceed their expectations.

Engage With Your Guests

Present relevant information to guests, promote hotel services and collect their feedback in real time, investing in trust-based relationships.

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Streamline Daily Operations

Allow the Hotel team to go mobile, communicating with guests and colleagues even when away from the frontdesk, improving their productivity at work.

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Optimise Restaurant Ordering

Allow your customers access to a webapp where they can, via a QR Code, view the menu and place orders to be delivered to their table.

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