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The Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, a luxurious five star resort with 385 rooms in Lanzarote, Spain, invested in a personalized mobile app provided by GuestU Their guests download it for free to their smartphones or tablets and stay in touch with the Hotel through the Live Chat.


For Elisa Aschenbach, Head of Guest Relations at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, “The communication with our guests is without a doubt an essential part of our work in Guest Relations and thanks to the chat feature we can reach all and each one of our guests in a matter of seconds. Also, the one-to-one interaction helps create a customised experience in our hotel, whether it be for personal assistance or general services.”


In order to interact with their guests, the Guest Relations team of Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort uses GuestU’s back office. Every time there is a new message a notification is sent to the browser to alert the team that action is needed. According to Elisa Aschenbach, “GuestU’s back office allows a quick and easy communication with our guests.“

GuestU thanks the opportunity to collaborate in this successful implementation with Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort.

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