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Room Control in the

hands of guests

Our platform offers guests a very intuitive way to control their room environment with their own phone. Integrated with major room control system vendors.
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Keep it simple, safe and practical


Guests can choose between different ambient scenarios or moods by controlling air conditioning, lights and the blinds.

Touch points

All of the room control is done in the Hotel App in the guest’s mobile phone, avoiding having to touch physical remotes or in-room buttons.


Our platform already integrates with leading room control vendors to provide a seamless guest journey.

Create a stunning room scenario

Guests can adjust the intensity in order to quickly reach the desired temperature. They can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit for their convenience and select low, medium, high or automatic modes according to their preference.

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The ideal control of lighting

Guests can control individual lighting groups or a single light by adjusting their brightness. They can choose a comfortable light preset through the app, reducing or eliminating the contact with switches in the room.  

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One click to change the mood

Our modular solution can be easily used by guests to open and close blinds and control the position of curtains, according to their desired environment. Through intuitive high technology, they can personalize their in-room experience.

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Know your guest wishes

Guests can use a button to request a Make Up Room or to indicate a Do Not Disturb. So easy and practical for both guests and staff.

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The perfect environment for every moment

Setting the proper mood for the right occasion is a differentiating factor. Ambiences offer this to guests by controlling multiple lights along with blinds, curtains and temperature. By combining multiple actuators it is possible to create scenarios, like: 

  • Welcome: high bright lights on, curtains and blinds fully open, air conditioning on low mode
  • Reading: lights on reading mode, blinds open, half-open curtains, automatic air conditioning
  • Cinema: lights off, curtains and blinds closed, air conditioning in automatic mode