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The room extension

on the guest’s phone

Allow your guests to use their own mobile devices to receive and make calls with a VoIP service. Integrated with the IP-PBX system of your hotel.
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Inside and outside

Guests can receive and make internal or external calls inside and outside the room while connected to the hotel WiFi. Also possible to allow calls from outside the hotel with additional setup.

Internal extensions

Customise the Call Reception shortcut to call any in-house extension, concierge and other services such as restaurants, spa, etc., offering guests immediate assistance.

Avoid room phones

By activating a room extension in the Hotel App, the hotel can remove the room phone to reduce equipment in the room and the concern with the hygiene of keypads.

An embedded Softphone in your hotel

With our technology, your hotel can offer a modern contactless telephone solution and its guests will gain convenience and security in their stay.