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Do much more with your Wi-Fi Landing Page

Use the Wi-Fi Landing Page as another channel to communicate with guests, presenting useful information and promoting hotel services.
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Customize your hotel Wi-Fi Landing Page

Collect email information from guests at Wi-Fi login and use this data to improve their experience. Our solution allows you, in a very simple and flexible way, to create a landing page suitable for hotel chains and independent hotels. Our cloud-based CMS allows the hotel team to edit contents and make changes in real-time.  We provide middleware and APIs for integration with networking systems and the marketing platform to edit and target campaigns.

Easy-to-use page-editor

Our landing page editor solution works in any web browser. In addition to its user-friendly template, the tool also allows you to create a custom landing page and provides two levels of access, for hotel chains to edit branded templates, and for each independent unit to change their hotel content.

Keep your brand identity for each hotel unit!

After guests login to the Wi-Fi, show them a personalized landing page to collect their data, inform them, promote your loyalty program and increase your cross-sell and up-sell chances. Create a landing page to promote hotel and/or hotel group services by customizing different sections, banners, text and links. 

Data Collection & Integration

We customize and optimize your Wi-Fi Landing page for Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics so that you can properly target your audience and redirect your campaigns.

All of this is done with full respect for guest data privacy as mandated by GDPR, CCPA and LGPD.

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